Pinnacle Security provide a full range of remote monitoring services aimed around CCTV, Intruder, Fire, and access control. Using state of the art monitoring platforms that include immix and WebeyeCMS.

In March 2019 Pinnacle Security was recognised as the first WebeyeCMS monitoring station in the UK.

Pinnacle’s state of the art alarm receiving centre allows us to vigilantly oversee your alarm systems and video feeds, to respond swiftly and efficiently to any security issue; whether that means notifying the emergency services, sending out a mobile response unit or something else entirely.


  • Added protection for people and property
  • Visual verification of what is happening at site
  • Visual deterrent on site for intruders
  • Works in conjunction with a monitored intruder system for maximum protection
  • Footage can be used as evidence in legal proceedings
  • Potential to reduce staff costs on site as remote footage is available 24/7
  • Additional peace of mind for property and business owners
  • Faster Response from emergency services, With significant on-going investment in technology and partnerships with manufacturers we can offer you cutting-edge solutions, one of which being our state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre.

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